House of Bounce is home to the only soft play mobile playground rentals in the Joplin area.
What is a soft play playground? It’s fun! That’s what!

Each playground features a different collection of activities to promote the gross motor and social skills of toddlers through a combination of activities including blocks, climbers, ball pits, rockers, and puzzles. Our soft play playgrounds were created for crawlers up to age 4.

Active play on our playgrounds help develop the balance, coordination, climbing, cooperation, and other toddler level gross motor skills. Add a soft play playground to your next toddler birthday party, playdate, or church function.

Our Mobile Playgrounds

Things That Go

Planes, trains, & automobiles create the fun of this playground. Activities include rockers, climbers, blocks, and a ball pit.

Cost: $200
Dimensions: 10′ x 10′
Setup Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Camp Out

Be ready for whatever adventure nature brings! Activities include rockers, climbers, tunnels, blocks, hoppers, and a tent (or canoe).

Cost: $200
Dimensions: 10′ x 10′
Setup Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Primary Fun

Color outside of the lines (but inside our fence) on this playground! Activities include wobble disk, climbers, ball pit, and a large soma cube puzzle.

Cost: $200
Dimensions: 10′ x 10′
Setup Location: Indoor/Outdoor

A deposit is required to reserve any soft play playground. The deposit is 25% of the total for your event, including delivery fee.

Please call us at 417-625-1082 for availability and to book. 

Our playgrounds are intended for infants and toddlers up to and including age 4.

The delivery fee applies to all playground rentals, dependent on the event location. If renting inflatables for the same event, a separate delivery fee is not required for soft play.

We do not allow customer pick-ups for any of our rental options.

No, the activities are set based on the theme for that playground. We cannot accommodate adjustments from other playgrounds. If there are elements from multiple playgrounds desired, you may rent both playgrounds.

Due to the nature of our playgrounds, individual items within the theme may be adjusted as we update that playground due to wear and tear or lost pieces. Photos may not depict most recent playground setup. 

Level ground required for all setup locations. We can setup both indoors and outdoors.

For outdoor events, playgrounds can be setup on grass, concrete, or asphalt. We will not setup on dirt, gravel, or uneven surfaces.

Playgrounds will not be setup outdoors with any type of precipitation. Renter is responsible for securing an indoor location in the event of poor weather. It is highly recommended to setup in shade during warmer months, as the playground pieces will get warm.