Sports Play 4-in-1 Combo

House of Bounce Rentals is proud to serve the entire greater Joplin area with safe, quality bounce houses and inflatables that provide family fun at any event.

We are family owned and operated. We know how important it is to make your event special for the kids.

House of Bounce specializes in inflatables such as Bounce Houses, Giant Slides, Obstacle Courses and much more for events of all kinds. We love bringing the fun to you!

Radical Run Obstacle Course & Slide – Venom

Whether it’s a birthday party, school fundraiser, event, church function, or corporate party, House of Bounce Rentals makes sure your event is fun, clean, safe, on time, and on budget!

Our rentals are very popular and always in demand. Check out our prices and call us today, to reserve your inflatable for that special event at 417-625-1082.

Rental Pricing & Dimensions
Photos of each inflatable are available in our Inflatable Gallery. We have multiples of some options.

$150     Castle Bounce House                                          17L x 16W x 16H

$150     Fun House                                                          17L x 16W x 12H

$150     Wacky Bounce House                                         17L x 13W x 12H

$150     Dazzling Bounce House                                     17L x 15W x 16H

$175     XL Bounce House                                               17L x 20W x 12H

$200     Junior Combo                                                    16L x 14W x 13H

$225     Dream Backyard Combo                                    19L x 15W x 16H

$225     Castle Backyard Combo                                     19L x 15W x 16H

$250     Carnival 5-in-1 Combo                                      19L x 18W x 17H

$250     Sports 5-in-1 Combo                                         20L x 19W x 15H

$250     30ft Backyard Obstacle Course                          30L x 11W x 12H

$250     34ft 7 Element Obstacle Course                         34L x 12W x 7H

$250     33ft Monster Obstacle Course                           33.5 L x 12W x 13H

$250     Fire Marble Water Slide (Water)                         23L x 9W x 13.5H

$275     Rainbow Bounce & Slide (Water)                       29L x 13W x 14.5H

$275     Wacky 3-in-1 Combo & Slide                             39L x 9W x 15H

$275     Sports Play 4-in-1                                               18L x 28W x 15H

$275     15ft Ninja Single Lane Slide                               24L x 14W x 15H

$300     Rockin Rapids Water Slide (Water)                    27L x 15W x 17H

$400     Radical Run Obstacle Course & Slide – Retro    29L x 16W x 15H

$400     Radical Run Obstacle Course & Slide – Venom 29L x 16W x 15H

$450     18ft Wide Dual Lane Slide                                 27L x 20W x 18H 

$500     Wrecking Ball                                                     24L x 27W x 16H

Junior Combo

Prices listed are for up to 4 hours, and additional rental hours can be added. There is a one time delivery fee per rental based on the event location. There is no sales tax charged on inflatable rentals.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of scheduling to reserve. Deposit will be returned if cancelled due to weather conditions, as determined by House of Bounce policies.

Inflatables require continuous electricity to operate. The event facility location needs to have 110v electric outlets present. We recommend no more than two inflatables per breaker. A generator is available for rental, if needed. There is a $25.00 fee if additional insured status is requested.

Will your event require staff to remain onsite? If so, it is an additional charge of $20.00 an hour per worker.

The renter(s) will need to sign two forms prior to setup: Release & Waiver and Rental & Service Agreement. These will be emailed at the time of booking or provided the day of your rental.