Inflatable Rentals

Castle Bounce House

17L x 16W x 16H

Fun House

17L x 16W x 12H

Wacky Bounce House

17L x 13W x 12H

Dazzling Bounce House

17L x 15W x 16H

XL Bounce House

17L x 20W x 12H


16L x 14W x 13H

Castle Backyard Combo

19L x 15W x 16H


19L x 15W x 16H


19L x 18W x 17H

Sports Combo

20L x 19W x 15H

Dazzling Combo

20L x 19W x 15H

Wacky Combo

39L x 9W x 15H

7 Element

34L x 12W x 7H


33.5L x 12W x 13H

Lime Backyard

30L x 11W x 12H

Radical Run Retro

29L x 16W x 15H

Adrenaline Rush Jr

26L x 17W x 15H

Sports Play

18L x 28W x 15H


24L x 14W x 15H

Dual Lane

27L x 20W x 18H

Wrecking Ball

24L x 27W x 16H

Fire Marble

23L x 9W x 13.5H


29L x 13W x 14.5H


27L x 15W x 17H

Rentals - FAQ

To reserve for your rental, we need:
– Inflatable(s) you are interested in or an ideal budget
– Location of your event
– Date & time of your event

A deposit is required to reserve any inflatable. The deposit is 25% of the total for your event, including delivery fee. There is no sales tax charged on inflatable rentals.

Deposit will be returned if cancelled due to weather conditions, as determined by House of Bounce policies. Otherwise, deposit is non-refundable.

Please call us at 417-625-1082 for availability and to book. 

Prices listed are for up to 4 hours. Additional rental hours can be added. See additional services for pricing below.

There is no discount for shorter rentals.

Waiver & Policies Acknowledgement

Renter must be present at setup to review the rules for safe operation of inflatables. Two forms – the Rental Agreement & Policies and the Release & Waiver of Liability – must be signed prior to setup. Renter is responsible for following all signs and safety information communicated by HOB staff and posted on inflatables.

Setup Location

A free and clear path to the desired setup location is required. Location of setup must be level and free of obstructions. 


Inflatables require continuous electricity to operate. The rental site needs to have 110v outlets within 75 feet of setup location. A maximum of one to two inflatables per breaker is recommended, depending on the inflatable. If electricity is not available, generators are available for rent.

Water Inflatables

All of our water inflatables require or recommend continuous water. The renter needs to supply a hose able to reach from water source to inflatable setup location.


Full payment must be received prior to setup of the inflatables. There is no refund for weather, ceiling height, space availability, electrical issues, or safety concerns not discovered until onsite. Regardless of use, once HOB staff have arrived to setup, full payment is required.

There is a one time delivery fee per rental based on the event location.

We want to be certain each time our inflatables are used, they are used safely. We do not allow customer pick-ups for any of our rental options.


HOB staff will not setup during inclement weather. Inclement weather may include, but is not limited to, rain, snow, or excessive winds. Inflatables will not be setup outdoors if precipitation chances are 80% or above within one hour before, during, or within one hour after event time. Excessive wind is determined to be a max of 15 mph.

Outside of those guidelines is at the discretion of the renter and HOB staff. There is no fee to reschedule for weather. Any weather cancellation must be made at least two hours prior to the start of scheduled event time to receive refund of deposit.

Indoors and Outdoors

We can setup both indoors and outdoors.

For outdoor events, setups can be on grass, concrete, or asphalt. We will not setup on dirt, gravel, or uneven surfaces.

It is recommended to setup in shade when possible during warmer months, as the inflatables may get warm. 


If there is evidence of water usage on a non-water inflatable, there is an additional cleaning fee.

Renter accepts responsibility for reimbursement of repairs for any excessive cleaning or damage, up to replacement cost of the inflatable.

Renter is able to purchase additional rental hours, rent a generator, or hire workers to operate the inflatables for additional fees. Otherwise, the rental time is for up to four hours, power must be provided by the facility, and HOB staff are only responsible for the setup and tear down of the equipment.

Additional Services

$60   Generator Rental (includes fuel for 4 hour rental)
$25   On-site Staff (per hour per worker)
$35   Additional Insured Status
$15   Additional Hours (added 10+ days from event date)
$25   Additional Hours (added within 9 days from event date)